Three main business segments and its strengths

Three main business segments and its strengths

Three main business segments and its strengths


Daido Chemical Corporation is a pioneer in manufacturing synthetic resin emulsions. We address a wide variety of elaborate customer needs as a R&D-oriented manufacturer of high-value-added synthetic resins and as a molding company with a one-stop production system for everything from molds to molding.

Chemicals Division・Life Science Division・Molding Division/お客様のニーズ

Chemicals Division

Daido has been engaged in the manufacture and marketing of synthetic resin emulsions and solutions since its founding in 1940. We are committed to developing “high-value-added products” with an emphasis on research and development of our core technology, polymer synthesis. We manufacture chemical products at three plants in Osaka, Saitama and Fukui with complementary manufacturing systems at each site. We also constructively offer resin synthesis and processing services under contract in order to effectively use our manufacturing technologies and quality control know-how that we have built and accumulated over the years.

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Life Science Division

With the theme of “supporting a healthy and affluent lifestyle,” Daido is engaged in manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients that combine all of our polymer synthesis technologies. In the field of pharmaceutical excipients, we are rolling out “POVACOAT,” a new type of oral pharmaceutical excipient with excellent gas barrier and binding properties, and “SANGELOSE,” which offers a variety of properties including emulsion stabilization and thickening. In the field of cosmetic ingredients, we are exploring the application of “SANGELOSE,” which is recognized as offering a high level of safety as a pharmaceutical excipient, to the cosmetic field and expanding business overseas with our acrylic film forming agent “VINYSOL".

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Molding Division

Daido is a long-standing injection molding company in Japan that first manufactured airbag covers via a single-injection system. By capitalizing on our accumulated injection, extrusion and LSR molding technologies, we can offer customers a full array of technologies and systems that will help them to improve production cycle time and cut costs, from the selection of the most suitable resin to precision mold design and proposals on a mass-production system, We are also committed to contract manufacturing services in order to address a wide variety of elaborate customer needs.

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What the customer “wants” begins with their desire to do something.
Departing from what the customer “wants,” we find innovative products and technologies that have never been seen before and that bring comfort, safety and affluence to people’s lives.
Daido is not a manufacturer of end-products, but addresses elaborate customer needs by capitalizing on the host of technologies accumulated over the years.


Research staff listens to user opinions firsthand and reflect them into development. Daido’s technologies are used across a wide range of fields from cutting-edge applications to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Core technologies

Proposals from a problem-solving approach

Daido customizes polymers to the needs of customers. We have technological and production capabilities to meet customer requirements in a prompt and appropriate manner.

Development of new polymers/Contract manufacturing

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