Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing facilities

Injection molding

Injection molding

List of molding machines and inspection equipment
Injection molding machines 120 tons 5 units
180 tons 3 units
250 tons 4 units
350 tons 1 unit
Inspection equipment
Three-dimensional measuring instruments
FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectrometer Instrument used to determine properties of an object
Gas chromatograph Instrument used to analyze gas components
Tensile tester Instrument used to determine tensile strength
Constant temperature room
Heat cycle test system -40ºC to 150ºC
Vibration viscometer Measuring viscosity
LED goniophotometer Measuring light distribution
Clean booth and others

We offer not only injection molding but testing service
via a variety of inspection equipment.

Extrusion molding

Extrusion molding (Kasukabe Plant)設備

Extruders 30-mm extruder 1 unit
40-mm extruder 5 units
50-mm extruder 3 units
65-mm extruder 1 unit
Haul-off machine Caterpillar type 6 units
Roll type 3 units
Vertical type 1 unit
Take-up machines Automatic tension adjustment 5 units
Manual tension adjustment 3 units
Automatic tension adjustment, 12 reels 1 unit
Rewinding machines 2 units
Laser outer diameter measuring instruments 8 units
Drawing machines 1 line
Other ancillary equipment Groundwater zone, chiller, cooling water tank, compressor, etc.



Machines Model Remarks
Molding machines 2 tons
40 tons
80 tons
100 tons
1 unit
1 unit
1 unit
3 unit
Chillers WL-05
Constant temperature chamber SPH-201 Oven with a safety door
Coating machines Automatic primer coating machine
Automatic primer coating machine
For prototyping
For mass-production
Heat control unit THERMO 30S For manual prototype plates
Vacuum pump GLD-051 For desiccator
Mixer AWATORI RENTARO ARE-250 Planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer
Microscope WRAYMER SW-700TD 7x to 45x magnification
Surface thermometer SK-1250MCⅢα Waterproof, digital
Projector PJ-H3000F Inspection instrument
SV viscometer SV-100 Measurement of resin viscosity
Electronic scale EK-300I
300 g / 0.01 g
220 g / 0.001 g
Lift table BS(QT)50 Load bearing capacity: 500 kg
FF humid control unit Plas Humid Prevention of moisture and static electricity

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