Injection molding

    Automotive parts

  • Automobile seatbelt parts
  • Airbag covers (Steering wheel, passenger seat, other seats and curtains)
  • Engine covers

    Office appliance components

  • Cassette case-related parts for pharmacies
  • Cassette case-related parts for offices
  • Rechargeable battery covers

    Household utensils

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Built-in kitchen components
  • Door parts

    Industrial products

  • Crane wire rope jackets
  • Drum gaskets
  • Horn covers
  • Containers

Extrusion molding

    Electric wire-related parts

  • Optical fiber cable filler cords
  • LAN cable cross-shaped filler cords
  • Conductive PP drawn wire for braided wire
  • Elevator cable filler cords
  • LCX cable ladder-shaped cords
  • Microphone cable filler cords
  • Control cable filler cords

    Industrial and construction-related parts

  • Wire rope filler cords
  • Reinforced concrete insulation covers



  • Medical components (Components of catheters, syringes, etc.)
  • Medical devices (Surgical instruments, etc.)
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting components (Caps, lenses, etc.)
  • Electrical device components (Printers, copiers, etc.)

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