Extrusion molding (Kasukabe Plant)

Extrusion molding (Kasukabe Plant)

Advantages of Daido’s extrusion molding

Extrusion molding is a process for obtaining a product by extruding a molten material from a die at the tip of an extruder with a rotating screw, and cooling and solidifying it in a cooling tank. The process is suitable for continuously producing parts of the same cross-sectional shape. To mold odd-shaped parts, sizing equipment to maintain shape is used in the cooling tank. Extrusion-molded parts are used in numerous applications including electric wire, construction materials, automobiles, medical devices, food containers and agricultural materials.


A long-standing extrusion molding company

We got into the extrusion molding business in April 1950, then the first company in Japan to do so. At that time, we manufactured filler cords of phone lines, particularly home phone line coaxial cables ahead of all others in the country, as well as hair coloring agents, water treatment filters and fluorescent light covers. In February 1986, we started extrusion molding at our Kasukabe Plant and have since manufactured optical fiber cable filler cords and other products with our accumulated technologies. Our products are widely used by electric wire manufacturers throughout the country.

Start of production of drawn articles

We newly established a drawing line in January 2008 and started developing and marketing wires of high tensile strength despite their small diameter (0.2 or so).

A wide variety of take-up machines

We have a wide variety of take-up machines that work with long product bobbins supplied by customers.

Features of drawing line


Newly established a drawing line in January 2008 to manufacture drawn products. The drawing line consists of an extruder, a cooling tank, drawing machine No.1, warming tank No.1, drawing machine No.2, two hot-air heaters, drawing machine No.3, OD measuring haul-off machine and take-up machine with 12 reels.

The extruder has a gear pump to keep output constant and meet dimensional requirements needed to ensure high accuracy.
The take-up machine with 12 reels has an independent bobbin traverse function that neatly takes up molded products. In addition, it can even take up products with a smooth and even winding surface, such as square wire. The machine accommodates up to 12 wires, which is advantageous in terms of cost-effectiveness.
We are working on applications for brush parts and tennis racket strings, and offering drawing of odd-shaped products.

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