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We value the “curiosity” of research staff as a way to contribute to the advancement of society through polymer chemistry. Innovative products cannot be created without “being excited about research.” We believe products in which research teams have no interest provide no pleasure to customers.

What do customers want? What kind of issues do customers want to address? It is essential for research staff to study, talk to different people and think these questions over. By doing that, research staff draw greater pleasure in finding clues to future products, perfecting new products and seeing them successfully produced on the production line.

A correct understanding of the “current and future needs” of customers is the beginning of everything.

Daido Chemical Corporation contributes to the advancement of society and the well-being of people through the research, development and advanced use of polymer chemistry. Our mission is to “move” society and customers through product development based on a correct understanding of the current and future needs of customers.

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