New products(UV-curable resins)

New products(UV-curable resins)


UV-curable resin DAIOLET

Plastic is used in the optical and various other applications as a replacement for glass and metal owing to its lightweight and processability. However, it compares unfavorably with glass and metal in terms of resistance to scratching, heat, weathering and chemicals. To address such issues, coatings—UV hard coatings in particular—are widely used in a variety of applications.
Pressure-adhesive tape is a means for laminating different types of substrates and is used in a wide range of fields from construction materials to optics. UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in substrate-free optically clear adhesive tapes, particularly thick ones, which are used to laminate components of touch panels for smartphones and tablets.
Daido’s “DAIOLET” series of UV-curable resins offers a variety of functions that will help you solve problems.

  • UV hard coatings

    Coatings with a variety of functions suitable for your substrates and applications. For optical films used on flat-panel displays and touch panels, they offer scratch-resistance, high transparency, fingerprint-resistance and refractive index adjustment. Scratch resistance and flexible coatings are expected to be used in three-dimensional decorations (in-mold labeling and in-mold films) of casings for equipment such as computers and home appliances.

    • ・Coating for functionality
    • ・Coating for flexibility
    • ・Coating with high
        refractive index
    • ・Solvent-free coating
        (For imprinting)

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  • UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives/adhesives

    Solvent-free, UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives, suitable particularly for thick OCA tape used to laminate touch panel components. They add various functions including durability, coverage of height gradations, high adhesion, reworkability, corrosion resistance and resistance to thermal foaming. UV adhesive is used to laminate (bond) films without loss of optical properties, and offers excellent durability.

    • ・ UV pressure-sensitive
       adhesives (For optically
       clear adhesive)
    • ・UV adhesives
        (V-3877K series)

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  • UV-curable thermoplastic resins

    Two-stage UV curing pressure-sensitive adhesives designed to cover height gradations when laminating touch panel components. In the first curing, it achieves flexibility, punching processability and reworkability. After the second curing, it offers excellent adhesion, durability and resistance to thermal foaming. It allows a thinner adhesive layer to cover large height gradations in printing.

    • ・Two-stage UV curing
       (For optically
       clear adhesive)

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