Development of new polymers
Life science

Development of new polymers

The Life Science Division develops new types of polymers useful in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields according to your needs. We address your requests through every step of the development-to-commercialization process from prototyping and scaled-up trials to the manufacture of end-products.

Laboratories and research schemes

Laboratories and research schemes/お客様のご要望→当社技術部との打ち合わせ→フラスコ試作・ご提出→化粧品グレードへの対応→スケールアップ製造→製品化

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For persons involved in the pharmaceutical industry

In developing new ingredients for pharmaceutical applications, Daido prepares materials and collects, in consultation with customers, toxicological data and other information necessary to apply for registration as a new pharmaceutical excipient, and manufactures the developed ingredients according to our internal GMP guidelines.
For cosmetic applications, we provide support through every step of development from impurity control (solvent residue, monomers, etc.) and microbial control, which are critical parameters for cosmetic safety and quality, to commercialization.
Let us know if you have any ideas on polymer development.

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