Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

We can select manufacturing facilities suitable for your production flow, trace back your production processes and help you move toward mass-production in a prompt manner. We offer a variety of processing services including solvent-based, water-based and emulsion resin synthesis, powdering of solvent-based resins and solvent substitution.

Resin processing services

Industrial applicationsPressure-sensitive adhesives

Water-based resins

  • Synthesis of acrylic emulsions (Emulsion polymerization)
  • Emulsifying (Forced-emulsification with homogenizer)
  • Synthesis of watersoluble acrylic resins (Acrylic acid polymerization in aqueous solution)

Solvent-based resins

  • Synthesis of acrylic resin solutions (Solution polymerization)
  • Solvent substitution
  • Desolventizing from resin solutions and powdering

Flow from contracting to production

  • A confidentiality agreement needs to be concluded before formulations can be disclosed.
  • We can do trial production runs with processing tanks with a capacity of 40 to 200 liter upon your request. (We may skip small-scale validation upon mutual consent.)
  • We perform the initial production with actual equipment in the presence of the customer and implement process controls as instructed by the customer.
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