Resin properties

Resin properties

JIS abbreviation Resin Operating temperature limit (ºC) Features Typical applications
Thermosetting resin PE Polyethylene Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 70 - 90 Lighter than water (Specific gravity < 0.94). Excellent electrical insulation, water-resistance, chemical resistance and environmental adaptability. Poor resistance to heat. Mechanically strong but flexible material that does not become brittle even at low temperatures. Packaging material (plastic bags, wrapping films and food product tubes), agricultural films and wire coating
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 90 - 110 Lighter than water and slightly heavier than LDPE (Specific gravity > 0.94). Excellent electrical insulation, water-resistance and chemical resistance. Higher heat resistance and rigidity than LDPE. Whitish, opaque material. Packaging material (films, plastic bags and food packages), shampoo and conditioner containers, buckets, gasoline containers, kerosene containers, cargo containers and pipes
EVAC Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) 70 - 90 Transparent and flexible. Excellent elastomeric properties and low-temperature properties. Some types offer excellent adhesion. Poor resistance to heat. Agricultural films and stretched films
PP Polypropylene 100 - 140 Has the lowest specific gravity (0.9-0.91) among plastics. Relatively high heat resistance. Excellent mechanical strength. Automotive parts, home appliance components, packaging films, food packages, caps, trays, cargo containers, palettes, clothing cases, textile, medical devices, daily necessities and waste bins
PVC Polyvinyl chloride 60 - 80 Flame retardancy. Flexible and rigid types are available. Sinks in water (with specific gravity of 1.4). High-gloss surface. Good printability. Water pipes, drainpipes, couplings, gutters, corrugated panels, sashes, floor material, wallpaper, synthetic leather, hoses and agricultural films

Polystyrene (Styrol)

Polystyrene 70 - 90 Comes in transparent, stiff GP grade and milky white, shock-resistant HI grade. Easily colored. Good electrical insulation. Soluble in benzene and thinner. Casings for office appliances and televisions, CD cases and food packages
Polystyrene foam 70 - 90 Lightweight and stiff. Excellent thermal insulating properties. Soluble in benzene and thinner. Cushioning material for packaging, fish containers, food trays, quick-cook noodle packages and tatami mats
SAN Styrene Acrylonitrile 80 - 100 High transparency and excellent heat resistance. Tableware, disposable cigarette lighters, electrical appliance (fan blades and juicers), food packages, toys and cosmetic packages
ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 70 - 100 High-gloss, good appearance and excellent shock resistance. Office appliance, automotive parts (interior and exterior), game consoles, building components (interior) and electrical appliance (air conditioners and refrigerators)

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Stretched film: Up to 200ºC Highly transparent and stiff. Excellent gas barrier properties. Insulation material, high-performance optical films, magnetic tape, photographic films and packaging films
Non-stretched sheet: Up to 60ºC Highly transparent. Excellent oil and chemical resistance. Packages for deli, preserved food, fruits, salads, cakes and beverage, plastic folders and transparent packaging material (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate: APE)
Heat-resistant bottle: Up to 85ºC Transparent and stiff. Excellent gas barrier properties. Packages for beverages, soy sauce, alcoholic beverages, tea and drink water (plastic bottles)
PMMA Polymethyl methacrylate (Acrylic resin) 70 - 90 Colorless, transparent and glossy. Corroded by benzene and thinner. Vehicle tail light lenses, tableware, illumination panels, water tank plates and contact lenses
PVAL Polyvinyl alcohol 40 - 80 Water soluble and excellent in film forming, adhesion, chemical resistance and oxygen barrier properties. Vinylon fiber, films, paper processing agent, adhesives, PVC suspension polymerization stabilizers and automobile safety glass
PVDC Vinylidene chloride (Polyvinylidene chloride) 130 - 150 Colorless and transparent. Good chemical resistance. Excellent gas barrier properties. Food wrapping films, ham/sausage casings and film coating
PC Polycarbonate 120 - 130 Colorless and transparent. Highly resistant to acid, but susceptible to alkali. Outstanding shock resistance. Excellent heat resistance. DVDs/CDs, electronic component housings (mobile phones, etc.), automobile headlight lenses, camera lenses and housings, and transparent roofing materials
PA Polyamide (Nylon) 80 - 140 Milky white. Highly resistant to wear, cold and shock. Automotive parts (intake pipes, radiator tanks, cooling fans, etc.), food wrapping films, fish nets and guts, gears and fasteners
POM Polyacetal 80 - 120 White and opaque. Excellent shock resistance. Good wear resistance. Gears (DVDs, etc.), automotive parts (fuel pumps, etc.), fasteners and clips
PBT Polybutylene terephthalate 60 - 140 White and opaque. Good balance of electrical and other properties. Electrical components and automobile electrical components
PTFE Fluororesin 260 Milky white. Highly resistant to heat and chemicals. Non adhesive. Inner coating of pans, insulation material, bearings, gaskets, sealing, filters, semiconductor and wire coating
Thermosetting resin PF Phenol resin 150 High electrical insulation properties. Good resistance to acid, heat and water. Flame retardancy. Print circuit boards, iron grips, power switchboard circuit breakers, grips of pans and kettles, and plywood adhesives
MF Melamine resin 110 - 130 Good water resistance. Resembles pottery. Hard surface. Tableware, laminate panels, plywood adhesives and paints
UF Urea resin 90 Resembles melamine, but flame retarding. Offered at reasonable prices. Buttons, caps, electrical equipment (wiring accessories) and plywood adhesives
PUR Polyurethane 90 - 130 Available in a wide variety of resins of different properties from flexible to rigid. Excellent adhesion and wear resistance. Polyurethane foam also exhibits various properties. Foam: Primarily used in cushions, automobile seats and insulation material. Non-foam: Used in industrial rolls, sealing, belts, paint, waterproof materials and spandex fiber
EP Epoxy resin 150 - 200 Excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties. Carbon fiber-reinforced versions offer rigidity. Electrical instruments (IC sealant, print circuit boards, etc.), paints, adhesives and laminates
UP Unsaturated polyester 130 - 150 Good electrical insulation, heat resistance and chemical resistance. Glass fiber-reinforced versions offer rigidity. Baths, corrugated panels, cooling towers, fishing boats, buttons, helmets, fishing rods, paint and water purifier tanks
SI Silicone -70 - 250 Excellent in a variety of properties including heat and cold resistance, electrical insulation, flame-retardancy, adhesion, oil and solvent resistance, water repellency and ecological adaptability. Adhesives, coatings, wire coatings, radiating rubbers, LED lenses, sealants, toys found in food products, cooking utensils, baby bottles, contact lenses, medical devices, etc

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