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Core technologies


Core technologies

Core technologies

We have developed products to serve a wide range of industries, from paints, ink binders, adhesives, laundry starch, cigarette adhesives and oral products materials of long ago, to pressure-sensitive adhesives for displays, UV-curable resins, coatings, pharmaceutical excipients, cosmetic ingredients and energy-related applications of recent years.

Most of these products are built on “polymer technologies,” particularly acrylic radical polymerization.

History of Daido’s technologies

As a pioneer of synthetic resin emulsions

Daido succeeded in commercializing vinyl acetate emulsion for the first time in Japan as a pioneer in synthetic resin emulsions (1946).

Core technologies—Polymer synthesis

With an emphasis on acrylic resins and vinyl acetate resins, we develop emulsions, resin solutions, resin aqueous solutions and UV-curable resins based on proprietary technologies accumulated over the years.

New business domains

With the desire to “make tomorrow better,” we serve customers through research and development in the following two new business domains.
Electric material-related products… Optical adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives and UV coatings
Life science field… Excipients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications

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