UV-curable resins

UV-curable resins


Plastic is used in optical and various other applications as a replacement for glass and metal, but it compares unfavorably with glass and metal in terms of resistance to scratching, chemicals and weathering. The use of UV coatings has been increased to address the issue. Daido’s “DAIOLET” series of UV-curable resins offers a variety of functions that will help you solve problems.

Application examples


UV coatings

  • Preventing scratches on the surface of computer/mobile phone plastic casings and displays
  • Transferring fine-line patterns with optical properties such as for prism sheets and light diffusion sheets
  • Adding a variety of properties such as flexibility (bending), abrasion resistance, antistatic performance, adhesion, high-refractive index and solvent-free to products
  • UV curing without the use of organic solvent to form film of excellent optical properties
Construction adhesives

UV adhesives

  • Bonding optical films that require transparency
  • Instant bonding by UV irradiation after lamination

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